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Become a Partner

NSHSS is proud to collaborate with a diverse network of partners across the world. Together, we can support today’s young scholars as they continue their education, pursue meaningful career opportunities, and lead lives of purpose.

Please check out our Partnership Packages and contact us today to join the NSHSS family.

Increase awareness and market share of your brand by promoting to 2 million lifetime members as well as their parents, educators, and families. NSHSS can help with all your recruiting needs by generating interest and leads through our robust database of outstanding students. Partners benefit directly through opportunities to increase their brand awareness, identify top talent early, and give back to their communities through scholarships, events, and more.



Why Partner with NSHSS?

Explore partnership opportunities to access, empower, and cultivate the next generation of leaders.

Why Partner with NSHSS?

Build a strong pipeline to a diverse group of qualified candidates.

Since 2008, NSHSS has produced a comprehensive career survey through its membership detailing next gen career interests, aspirations, and expectations along with a ranking of major corporations.

Career Interest Survey Results

"Our mission at Sallie Mae is to power confidence as students begin their unique college journeys. NSHSS provides college-bound high schoolers with so many great tools and resources that help to inspire confidence that partnering with them was a no-brainer. We are excited to continue to expand our partnership with NSHSS this year and in the years to come!"

- Christopher Earnshaw, Director of Relationship Management, Sallie Mae

"Partnering with NSHSS has been a win-win for FEE. It's such a pleasure working with another organization as passionate about high quality educational opportunities for students and educators as we are. They are quick to adapt, quick to respond, and are extremely helpful because we take the time to fully understand each other's missions and goals."

- Zilvinas Silenas, President, Foundation for Economic Education

"We wish we could clone the team at NSHSS as they are ideal partners for us at SMARTTRACK® College Funding. NSHSS has done a stellar job of promoting our parent-ed webinars and the resources we offer to Society Member families. With our shared goals of providing great value and meaningful support to the NSHSS community, our relationship has proven to be a real win/win/win."

- Cyndi Menegaz, National Program Director, SMARTTRACK® College Funding

“Next College Student Athlete (NCSA) and are committed to helping students build better lives through higher education. We are proud to call NSHSS a valued partner as we work to empower student-athletes and non-athletes on the college journey.”

- Jon Bruehl, Director of Business Development, Next College Student Athlete


"Our partnership with an NSHSS has been phenomenal. It’s great to partner with an organization that has a common mission of helping students achieve their goals. Partnering with NSHSS has allowed us to reach and help many more students than we could have on our own."

- Frank McWilliams, Chief Operating Officer, Method Learning

Thank you to our key partners

"Youth represent 50% of the world population and 100% of our future. I challenge all young people to be environmental stewards within your community in order to make the world a better place. You are the leaders, problem solvers, visionaries, and minds of tomorrow. This is your world. What are you going to do to make it a better place?"

Claes Nobel, NSHSS Co-Founder

What your Partnership can Provide