What NSHSS Scholarships Can Do For You

Thursday, August 31, 2023
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What NSHSS Scholarships Can Do For You

Scholarships and grants are the backbone of college preparation, and the best way to avoid student debt. The types of scholarships and grants you receive, their criteria, and the foundation that awards them are just as important as the amount of the award. College admissions officers want to see scholarships and grants that support your goals, passions, and merits. Employers hiring high school and college graduates will also be impressed with related scholarships and grants. 

NSHSS scholarships hold a lot of weight with college admissions officers. NSHSS membership is not required for most scholarship and grant programs, but such membership is restricted to those displaying academic excellence. Because all NSHSS scholarships and grants are at least partially merit-based, they are key indicators of your capabilities. NSHSS Foundation scholarship judges value students with accomplishments and potential in key STEAM subjects.

Here are some of the NSHSS scholarship benefits and programs available to high school students and college students that are lifetime members of the National Society of High School Scholars.

NSHSS Scholarships remove societal obstacles to higher education.

NSHSS recognizes that there are many segments of society facing obstacles in higher education. This is not limited to minorities and other protected persons. Low-income students feel pressured to start full-time work before or immediately after high school graduation, making college attendance more difficult. 

The NSHSS Community College or Trade School Scholarship is for those high school students that want a solid career without an expensive and lengthy college education. Even successful graduates can dislike the traditional classroom setting, and trades are in high demand. Some students need the flexible scheduling of community colleges and trade schools or need to be employable in a short amount of time.

First-generation college students also face obstacles to degree completion. According to data from the Department of Education, about 27% of first-generation college students complete a degree within 4 years. NSHSS strives to provide opportunities for these and other underrepresented groups.

The NSHSS First Generation Scholarship is one example of how we support these incoming freshmen, although it is currently closed. NSHSS members have other opportunities for diversity- and equality-based scholarships and grants, but these vary by year.

NSHSS scholarships give evidence of community involvement.

Community involvement and volunteering are expected from today’s employers and college admissions officers. NSHSS offers several scholarship programs for high school students striving for the betterment of society through specific efforts.

All of these scholarships are merit-based, require recommendation letters and statements, and have stiff competition. Winning one of these NSHSS scholarships gives you a jump on your competition at competitive universities or employers.

NSHSS scholarships show your commitment to one area of study or career path.

NSHSS Foundation scholarships are given to high school students displaying accomplishments and potential in a particular area of study currently in demand. Recurring NSHSS Foundation scholarships include the Business and Public Policy scholarship and the STEAM scholarship. The STEAM scholarship is currently closed. Other NSHSS scholarships include the Creative Writing Scholarship and the Innovation in Technology Scholarship.

NSHSS scholarships provide recognition for outstanding academics.

All NSHSS scholarships are at least partially merit-based. Just as NSHSS membership itself looks great on college applications and resumes, NSHSS merit-based scholarships prove your dedication to your area of academics.

The most effective program to meet this goal is the NSHSS Research and Academic Paper scholarship. Many students produce groundbreaking research papers in high school, and NSHSS wants them to be recognized.  Recipients of this scholarship receive others as a result. They also enjoy higher college admission rates. 

NSHSS scholarships contribute funds to continue your education.

The College Board recently reported that 38% of college students drop out due to finances. Applying for grants, awards, and scholarships during your freshman year can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to get behind. The NSHSS College Freshman Scholarship provides one worthy freshman college student with financial need additional funds to help pay for their second year of school.

Meanwhile, the NSHSS Collegiate Council Leadership scholarship is granted to college students who are NSHSS members and participants in the NSHSS Collegiate Council. This is a leadership program sponsored by NSHSS.