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Meet Our Team

NSHSS Team Jim
James Lewis
NSHSS Team Lee Lewis
Lee Lewis
Vice President
NSHSS Team Tammy
Talmadge U. “Tammy” Bailey
Chief Financial Officer
NSHSS Team Carla
Carla G. Daniel
Director, Member Services
NSHSS Team Gia
Gia Coppi
Director, Society Programs
NSHSS Team Abby Duke
Abby Duke
Sr. Manager of Digital Engagement
Our Team: Margot
Margot Miller
Program Manager
Our Team: Renita Smith-Moore
Renita Smith-Moore
Events & Tours Manager
Our Team Kyra Lawrence
Kyra Lawrence
Senior Coordinator, Events and Tours
NSHSS Team Sydney
Sydney McGonigle
Partnerships Success Manager
Our Team Alexis
Alexis Adams
Scholarships Administrator
Our Team: Jasmine
Jasmine Dearman
Community Development Coordinator
Brenda Moore Our Team Page
Brenda Moore
Member Services Specialist
Charlanda Chapman
Manager, Data Processing
Our Team: Alyise
Alyise Williams
Accounting Assistant