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Scholarships, Webinars, and More

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Apply for Scholarships

Check out our scholarships for strong leaders, academics, science smarties, and more.


Attend Events

Our upcoming events are a great way to expand your horizons and build your network. Explore our what we have in store for you.

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Free Webinars

Our webinars can help keep you focused on the future. See what is coming up, there is something for everyone!

World Betterment Initiatives

How to Be an Advocate

Scholarships, a panel, resources, and member stories supporting our commitment to social and racial justice.

Good Earth!

Celebrate our beautiful planet and take action to promote a more sustainable future. 

Volunteer Much?

Tap into these resources, share your successes, and even earn scholarships for your service.

Mental Health Awareness Resources

Scholarships, resources, and member stories supporting our commitment to supporting students' mental health.

Meet The $10,000 Winners of the NSHSS Be More-A-Thon

These are the 10 winners of the $100,000 Be More Fund who competed for a $10,000 grant during our 2022 Be More-A-Thon. These NSHSS members and educators impressed the judges with their initiatives that strive for world betterment.

Supporting the Journey to Excellence

The National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS) provides a wide range of opportunities that align with your journey from high school to college.

In addition to awarding more than $2 million in scholarships to qualified applicants each year, NSHSS and our partners offer internships, study abroad, summer programs, discounts on educational services, and more.

Claes Nobel

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"There is a special place in my heart for encouraging and recognizing the youth of the world.” -- Claes Nobel, member of the Nobel Prize family and co-founder of NSHSS


A View of the National Society of High School Scholars

Hear what some of our scholarship winners, corporate leaders, educators and the highest-achieving students have to say about what membership in NSHSS means to them and their futures. Membership is by invitation only to those students who have achieved at least one of our rigorous academic criteria. NSHSS provides students with lifetime access to a variety of experiences and resources including scholarships, leadership and study abroad programs, service activities, and partner offers. NSHSS has much to offer a high-achieving student looking for a way to make an impact in their school, community, and the world.

Member Spotlight