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Method Learning

Method Learning

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Method Learning is a tutoring and test prep organization that serves students worldwide through highly focused, cost-effective online programs, classes, and personalized tutoring. Their goal is to see a significant improvement in test scores for students who use their products and services. Method Learning has over 15 years of experience working side-by-side with thousands of students as well as hundreds of high schools. Their dedicated instructors and advisers help thousands of students increase their SAT and ACT scores each year. 


What Method Learning Offers NSHSS Members Year-Round:


Self-Paced Learning

NSHSS members get 10% off the self-paced ACT and SAT prep courses. This online test prep course is crafted by experts and built with students in mind. The beauty of the self-paced program is that you can build the work around your schedule. There is a total of 25 hours of preparation (each for ACT and SAT) that can be spread out over two days, two months, six months, or even a year. Take your PSAT in the fall, your SAT/ACT in the spring, and you still have time to prep for a second SAT/ACT in the following fall if you choose to take it again.


Online Classes

With Method Learning's teacher-led online classes, students get the exposure to important subject matter that they need–like critical reading, math, writing, and science concepts–AND the test-taking strategies that make the difference. These online classes are always recorded in case you miss any.



This is the most personalized option for students preparing for the ACT or SAT. Method Learning offers both online and in-person SAT, ACT, and subject tutoring.




Questions? Contact Method Learning. Don't forget to mention that you're an NSHSS member!